Get Messy Art Journal

I recently found these gorgeous looking pages of an Art Journal by a creative named Caylee Grey. Upon further investigation I found a series of prompts for the Get Messy Art Journal Challenge and have had so much fun creating pages.

My art journal is from Typo and you can one similar here.

Prompt #1: Let’s have a party!

Art Challenge: Plan a fun party! Create a collage detailing what your party will be like. Include food, drinks, décor, lighting, color scheme, dress code, place settings, location, guests, etc. Plan until your hearts content! There is no money limit or restrictions. Use your photos, magazines, art supplies, etc to create a collage, mood board or anything you would use to give to a party planner to convey your artistic direction for the event.

Journaling challenge: Detail for us who you will invite, time of day, location, purpose, etc.




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